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Ever Feel Like Talking?

Olive Tree Counselling

Twickenham Therapy Centre
100 Heath Road TW1 4BW
07981 297496

Counselling and Psychotherapy is a new way of
moving forward with your life

We all have hectic lives but often it becomes hard to cope.  At those times the help of friends or family might not be enough or even what you need. It's at this point that talking things through with a counsellor can help. 

Together we can explore what has brought you to therapy, learn how past experiences and behavioural patterns have shaped the decisions that you make today, then we will develop a way to change and build resilience.

I work by blending the Humanistic and Psychodynamic approach with CBT. 

I'm happy to spend as much time on the phone talking about what you need and to really understand what is happening. Alternatively a free 15 minute assessment can be arranged in Twickenham.